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Over 140 Years of History

Warra was first settled in 1875 by Richard Best after an announcement of the extension of the Western railway line from Dalby, which opened two years later.  Best opened the first hotel, post office and store in Warra.  A school was opened in 1881.

Warra has seen several population influxes – railway workers in the late 1800s, farmers and miners in the early 1900s, and during World War II, soldiers. However in the 1960s commercial activity declined due to it’s proximity to Dalby, and the population decreased.

The 'Welcome to Warra' log sits front and centre as you arrive at Memorial Park. After having to be rescued from flood waters on at least two previous occasions, it is now securely fastened down so it won’t float away again. The log symbolises Warra’s humor, pride and rebounding spirit, no matter the odds.

If you get a chance to stop at the Warra Hotel you won’t be disappointed, it's a fabulous old country pub.  Inside the walls are filled with photographs of times gone by.  If you are interested in the history of the pub ask to view the book of historical photographs – it is truly amazing the amount of history the book contains.

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